Installing NodeJS On Ubuntu 14.x

How to install NodeJS On Your VPS (Ubuntu)? I have 3 way for installing this. Okay lets checkout this way

From Official

Using ppa:chris-lea

From Source Code

From Binary

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Installing CURL On Ubuntu 14.0x

Downloading and Installing Composer

Let’s testing

Check your project’s directory now, it will contain two new files and one directory

  1. composer.json
  2. composer.lock
  3. vendor directory

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Setup Apache + PHP Per User Directory

Installing PHP 5.x


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Setup SSH Ubuntu on AWS (Windows Client)

Open your SFTP Client (im using WinSCP)

Login using ubuntu useraccount

Navigate your WinSCP into /tmp/


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Installing PHP 5.x On Ubuntu

Installing PHP 5.5… hahhaha that was easy huuuh!? but you can’t save everythings into your brain, trust me! (just kinding)… ok let’s go you can follow this easy step.

Method 1

Another Method (If You Have Any Trouble with Method 1)

Method 2

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