Kafka Docker

Step 0 (Create Docker Compose file)

See my Docker Compose file

Step 1 (Create Zookeeper Container)

Step 2 (Create Kafka Container)

Step 3 (Create Kafka Topic)

Step 4 (Verify Kafka Topic)

Step 6 (Get All Kafka Topics)

Step 6 (Listen to Kafka Topic)

Step 7 (Produce data to Kafka Topic)

References :

Confluent kafka stream samples

Installing Confluent on production

Manual Deserialize Debezium Connector Event

Postgres Debezium Docker File

Debezium Postgres Avro Converter

Streaming databases in realtime with MySQL, Debezium, and Kafka (Articles)

Confluent JDBC Source Configuration Options

KSQL: Streaming SQL for Apache Kafka (Articles)

Confluent Avro with the Kafka Java client

Streaming Debezium Examples Code (How to manual deploy)

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How to install MySQL Percona XtraDB Cluster from repositories


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Installing Android Enviroment On Ubuntu 14.04


  • Java SDK version 8
  • Internet
  • Gradle 2.14.1
  • Android SDK Tools, Revision 25.3.0 (March 2017)

Download and Installing Java8

Download and Installing Gradle 2.14.1

Download and Installing Android Environment

Set Android enviroment to Linux PATH

If you want to install other packages, you can run this commmand

If you have trouble with SSL

Build Android Project


Test building your Project

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Installing Laravel Homestead On Windows Machine


  • Windows 7 / 8
  • Internet
  • Virtual Box 5.1.14r112924. Download here
  • Vagrant 1.9.1. Download here
  • Laravel Homestead Box 1.1.0. Download here (name it virtualbox.box)

After downloading Laravel Homestead Box 1.1.0, save virtualbox.box file to C:\virtualbox.box

Install Virtualbox

Install Vagrant too then reboot your machine

After your machine already boot, Run Windows Command Prompt and add vagrantbox :

If vagrantbox success installed, open Windows Explorer then go to :


rename folder 0 (zero) to 1.1.0

Back to Windows Command Prompt, create vagrant homestead folder

Open Windows Explorer then go to D:\homestead-laravel

Run init.bat

Clone your Laravel Project, example from official laravel git

After finish installing, run this command

Goback to Windows Explorer navigate D:\homestead-laravel

Edit Homestead.yaml file and find this code

Change to

Time to running laravel homestead

Go back to Windows Command Prompt

Shutdown Vagrant

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Best Laravel 5.1.x Auth Packages (For Me…)

Laravel 5 auth, there are so many authentification packages on this framework make me feel sick, hahhahaha! on trial and error process, and also their package codes are clean for me. This is my best choise


Source : https://github.com/cartalyst/sentry/tree/feature/laravel-5

How to install?

Add this code on your composer.json

Then run command


Source : https://github.com/Zizaco/entrust

How to install?

Add this code on your composer.json

Then run command


Source : https://github.com/artesaos/defender

How to install?

Add this code on your composer.json

Then run command


Source : https://github.com/Toddish/Verify

How to install?

Add this code on your composer.json

Then run command


Source : https://github.com/BeatSwitch/lock-laravel

How to install?

Add this code on your composer.json

Then run command

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Installing NodeJS On Ubuntu 14.x

How to install NodeJS On Your VPS (Ubuntu)? I have 3 way for installing this. Okay lets checkout this way

From Official

Using ppa:chris-lea

From Source Code

From Binary

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Installing CURL On Ubuntu 14.0x

Downloading and Installing Composer

Let’s testing

Check your project’s directory now, it will contain two new files and one directory

  1. composer.json
  2. composer.lock
  3. vendor directory

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Dynamic Crosstab With Store Procedure

Let’s assume that we have table with data like this bellow :


and we want to view data like this


for that we can write query like this

But, what we can do if the data going bigger and category added, e.g. 1995, 1996. Yes of course we can add

once again but, how if we have many category value which are similary. i think this is a waste, so ot will usefull if we write crosstab dynamicly. let’s check it out

the query above will transform all category value into column, wich distinct will prevent the redundance. just keep in mind and hope this helpfull.


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The Usefull Simple : Javascript

The usefull Code that help you to write big code, there is it:

1. Remove property from the Object

let’s say we have object like this

then, we want to save this data to db, but we don’t need “_inserted_by” property there. To do that we can do something like bellow.

that simple, but helpfull.


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