Postgres Database Utility

Backup database (Linux)

Backup database (Windows – Method 1)

Backup database (Windows – Method 2)

Restore database (Linux)

Restore database (Linux / Windows)

Change default postgres password (Linux)

Create New User (Linux – Method 1)

Create New User (Linux – Method 2)

Create new Database (Linux – Method 1)

Create new Database (Linux – Method 2)

Connect to database

Refresh MaterializeView


Install Laravel on Ubuntu 18.x

Installing Apache2

Installing PHP 7.2.x

Installing Mod Apache

Installing Mod For Nginx

Installing Mod MySQL

Installing Mod PostgreSQL

Create Swap Memory (For Low Memory VPS)

Installing Composer 1.x

Or Installing Composer 2.x

Setup Laravel Project

Create project from Laravel repository (Laravel 7.x Framework)

Installing PostgreSQL 10.x

Set password for DB administrator (postgres)

Drop Database

Create another Role

Installing Percona Xtra Cluster MySQL 5.7.x

Add this command to last line


Create root user on any address


How to install MySQL Percona XtraDB Cluster from repositories

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