Docker Persistent Storage

Master Node Machine :

Node 1 Machine :

Master Node Machine


Copy it to your clipboard

Node 1 Machine

Paste ssh-key from Master Machine to last line and save it.

Test ssh connection

Copy ssh-key to clipboard and back to Master Node

Master Node

Paste ssh-key from Node 1 Machine to last line and save it.

Test ssh connection

Installing NetShare

Node 1 Machine

on tab ‘docker-shell’

on tab ‘bash’


then try to remove container

Kafka Docker

Step 0 (Create Docker Compose file)

See my Docker Compose file

Step 1 (Create Zookeeper Container)

Step 2 (Create Kafka Container)

Step 3 (Create Kafka Topic)

Step 4 (Verify Kafka Topic)

Step 6 (Get All Kafka Topics)

Step 6 (Listen to Kafka Topic)

Step 7 (Produce data to Kafka Topic)

Read More

How to install MySQL Percona XtraDB Cluster from repositories

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Installing Android Enviroment On Ubuntu 14.04


  • Java SDK version 8
  • Internet
  • Gradle 2.14.1
  • Android SDK Tools, Revision 25.3.0 (March 2017)

Download and Installing Java8

Download and Installing Gradle 2.14.1

Download and Installing Android Environment

Set Android enviroment to Linux PATH

If you want to install other packages, you can run this commmand

If you have trouble with SSL

Build Android Project


Test building your Project