Setup SSH Ubuntu on AWS (Windows Client)

Open your SFTP Client (im using WinSCP)

Login using ubuntu useraccount

Navigate your WinSCP into /tmp/

Copy this files to your PC

  1. id_rsa
  3. authorized_keys

Open puttygen, then click “Load” button, change file extension to All Files (*.*) then choose id_rsa without .pub

If you see dialogbox, click OK

Click “Save Private Key” button, then named it id_rsa.ppk

Testing root account

Back to WinSCP, create new server configuration. Fill root on username textfield, and left blank on password textfield.

Click Advanced button, on TreePanel you can see SSH => Authentication, navigate to your cursor into private key file then browse id_rsa.ppk was you created, Click OK

After that don’t forget to save your configuration. Click Login button, Taddaaaaaa! if success, you use a root privileges on WinSCP! congrats dud.

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