Just Tracing Laravel Cashier

Hahhahahahaha.. What’s the point in this post??? But it’s very usefull for me.. and for you?

For client side you just add this code.. simple huuh?

Okeeyyyy, let’s me see behind that code! Trace… trace… and trace.. (how i can make a clean code like this!)

Billable Trait see full code

Billable Contract see full code

You can see Billable Contract and Billable Trait┬áhas same method on there? It’s really make me confused… i’m imagine, if i have 500 method on the Contract… On the the Trait i must have 500 method too!? (hahhaahhaha sorry.. maybe i’m really really newbiesss)

Repository (maybe…) see full code

Implement a repository (maybe again…) see full code

Create a Services Provider see full code

Huufftttttt… for a newbie like me, I feel it’s really hard to make a clean code, i’m very weird about it. In my mind “If i can make code like this.. i believe it’s very hard to maintance ┬áthat code” (for now), so happy coding!

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